Ben Nye Divine Madness Palette

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Insanely vibrant shades, plus rich opacity equals pure fun for any makeup! Ben Nye Pressed powder is richly pigmented and has a silky texture for velvety smooth application.Refills are available in all Eye Shadow, Powder Rouge, Lumiere Grande and Metallic Colours.

0.96oz./28gm. Net weight. Expect 50-150 applications.

(ESP-605) Divine Madness Pressed Powder Palette:
ER-69 Caribbean, ER-88 Celestial Bleu, ER-66 Lemon, ER-67 Green Leaf
LUR-155 Cherry Red, LUR-16 Azalea, LUR-20 Starry Night, DDR-1 Flame Red


(No reviews yet) Write a Review