Ben Nye Concealer Palette

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Product Overview

The concealer palette covers the gamut when it comes to tattoos and discolorations. Intensely pigmented cremes provide flawless, long-wearing and invisible coverage. Twelve shades. Six classic, six contemporary concealers in a refillable metal palette with brush. Made with Ben Nye's MediaPRO formula. Ultra-light and build-able for a flawless, natural finish.

3oz./84gm. Net Wt. Expect 200-1000 applications.

NKP-12 Shades: RMY-1, RMY-2, RCC-2, RCC-3, RMO-2, RFS-1, RHY-1, RGC-1, RNR-2, RNT-1, RNT-2, RNB-1.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review