VISEART Blush Palette: 02 Rose-Coral

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Product Overview

VISEART BLUSH PALETTE 01 - ROSE | CORAL: This palette has three scaled tones of rose and three coral cheek colors. From a cherubic touch of pink to a tropical look, each blush palette has a range of shades created to work with fair to deep skin tones. Use each shade alone or mix shades within the palette to customize range. Triple-milled, matte powder pigments apply seamlessly and adjust easily from sheer to fuller coverage. Apply blush with a long, soft, goat hair brush, for a seamless sheer to medium application.

The essential blushers, smooth and homogeneous, easy to blend, no fall out, long stay.
Imported from France. Not tested on animals. No parabens, petrochemicals, silicone or mineral oils. Gluten Free.

0.84 oz./24 g.
Palette size is approximately 4.8" x 3.3" x 0.5"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review