Iwata Airbrush Maintenance Tools

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Product Overview

With the highly specialized Iwata Professional Maintenance Tools, assembling and reassembling airbrush nozzles, caps, needle packings, O-rings and air valves is quick and easy.

Maintenance Tool Set includes:
  • Iwata Air Valve Guide Wrench: Easily customize the main lever spring tension or replace the air valve
  • Iwata Soft Jaw Pliers: Specialized pliers to assemble or disassemble an airbrush without damaging the chrome surface
  • (2) Iwata Needle Packing Screw Drivers (for 1.2 mm and 1.4 mm diameter needles): Easily remove, assemble and adjust the airbrush needle packing set (needle packing screw and packing)
  • Iwata Nozzle Wrench: Remove or tighten the nozzle without the risk of over-tightening. Fits all airbrushes except the Iwata Eclipse Series airbrushes and the NEO for Iwata TRN2 side-feed trigger airbrush
  • Needle Storage Tube
  • Zippeded Case: A durable soft-sided nylon case with elastic straps and a removable zippered pouch. Stores accessories, maintenance tools, and up to three airbrushes.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions with diagrams


(No reviews yet) Write a Review