DaBlot Mini Cosmetic Palette

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Product Overview

The DaBlotTM Mini Cosmetic Palette Set includes everything you need to quickly and cleanly apply products. The stainless steel palette wraps around the fingers with an adjustable strap and rests on the back of the hand, or it can be used flat on a countertop. The DaBlotTM Mini Cosmetic Palette can be used with the included DaBlotTMMakeup Palette Sheets pad or on its own. After cleaning, toss it in a set bag stored in its satin pouch. 


  • Patented stainless steel makeup mixing palette
  • Small enough to fit on the back or palm of your hand
  • Can be used on a flat surface
  • Adjustable strap for comfort and security
  • Use on the right or left hand
  • For use with makeup, hair and skin care products
  • Storage pouch keeps everything together and protects sheets from tearing 


  • Hands-free so you can hold products and tools easily
  • Supports a quick, clean application on-the-go
  • Space for several dabs of individual cream or gel products
  • Toss in a set bag or attach to a bag strap

Directions For Use:

  1. Secure the DaBlotTM Mini Cosmetic Palette on your left or right hand.  Place the strap around the middle two fingers of either hand, allowing the palette to rest on the back of the hand.
  2. Place the cosmetic product directly on the palette or on the DaBlotTM Makeup Palette Sheets pad attached to the palette.
  3. To clean, simply swipe with alcohol.  When using with DaBlotTM Makeup Palette Sheets pad, carefully remove the used top sheet only and discard. The pad is great for special effects makeup artists who may need a dab of adhesive or other type of stubborn-to-remove product.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review