DaBlot Makeup Palette Sheets Pads

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Product Overview

The DaBlotTM Makeup Palette Sheets pads can be used on a table or a countertop. Toss them in a set or actor's bag. They work great with the DaBlotTM Mini Cosmetic Palette or by themselves! 


  • 100-count sheet pads
  • Flap-proof technology helps you maintain control during applications
  • Moisture/oil-resistant, coated paper


  • Each sheet provides a clean, fresh surface, supporting prevention of cross-contamination
  • Multiple pad packets mean each actor on set can have their own pad
  • Aids in fast and easy clean up
  • Versatile use with makeup, hair, eyelash and skin care products, including creams, gels and adhesives
  • Promotes quick application on-the-go
  • Minimizes product waste
  • Can preserve sample of product used for later touch-ups.  Great for weddings, and film and TV continuity!
  • Compact size makes the pads great for travel

Directions For Use:

  1. Place pad on a flat surface

  2. Insert a spatula in the open edge between the cover and the first sheet.

  3. While firmly pressing spatula down, slide the spatula to the outer edge and around the side to separate cover from the pad.  Leave the long, attached side intact.

  4. Repeat on the opposite side.

  5. Place cream, gel or adhesive product on the paper sheet.

*Always be careful to remove only the used top sheet. Disturbing the bond of the lower sheets will compromise the flap-proof feature of the pad!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review