Ben Nye MediaPRO HD Sheer Foundations

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Product Overview

MediaPRO is Ben Nyes global makeup collection for film, fashion, bridal, theatre and HD broadcast. Our Sheer Foundations, Contours and Concealers share a light-weight, buildable formula that blends to a flawless finish. The MediaPRO color palette includes beautiful classics and new multi-ethnic shades in Sheer Foundations, Creme Contours, Concealers and Powders.

Sheer Foundation Ben Nye's silky formula is well balanced and designed for all complexions in forty-three shades. Its moist, light texture blends smoothly and evenly, and layers seamlessly for more opacity with a minimum of makeup. Set lightly with HD Matte Powder, Luxury Powder or MediaPRO Poudre Compact.

0.63oz./18gm. Expect 40-100 applications.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review