Ben Nye Concealer Crayon

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Product Overview

For artists on the go, these crayons cover a multitude of imperfections. Quickly banish red, blue and dark discolorations, accentuate highlights, or correct facial features. They yield high pigmentation and offer a durable, yet silky texture. Ultra-light and build-able for a flawless, natural finish.

Concealer Crayons have an updated, fresh new look with improved colors and texture. Ben Nye's new line brings positive changes with options for a range of discolorations.

  • Blue Concealer NP-14 is a more neutral, mid-peach tone, good for “tan” and light to mid-olive skin tones.
  • Tattoo Cover 2 NP-22 is a bright peachy tone, good for very fair to fair skin tones.
  • Tattoo Cover 4 NP-24 is an earthy, darker orange-based tone for deep olive to mid-brown skin tones.

NP 0.9oz./2.5gm. Expect 100-300 applications.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review