Nurturing Force Facial / Body Blotting Paper

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Product Overview

This especially soft & absorbent natural two fiber dry paper with Aromatherapy, in a patented Dispenser, allows you to determine exactly how long a sheet of facial / body blotting paper you need & protects the rest, keeping it fresh ready to use. It fits into bag, pocket, backpack, tote, purse, briefcase, evening bag, makeup kit or cosmetic bag.

Blotting helps to remove, shine, dirt, perspiration & oil on your skin and helps to unclog pores. The hand made two fiber paper is preferred by international make-up artists for its unique softness and absorbency. It is safe to use over airbrushed make-up, mineral make-up, water based, silicone based and alcohol based foundations; powders, bush, eyeshadow, bronzer, self tanners, and has been chosen as a must for HDTV, film, F/X, stage, runway & fashion photography.

The 29 foot long (8,8m) continuous roll is powder-free, lint-free, talc-free, paraben-free & won't smudge make-up or remove moisturizer, after shave or cologne. It is soft yet strong and won't tear, won't leave lint on face, beard, stubble, shaved heads, bald heads.

The Facial / Body Blotting Paper - Unscented Pure - Meditation - has the same soft absorbent qualities, and is perfect for those people who are sensitive to fragrance or who are receiving skin care given by a doctor or esthetician. Many men enjoy the Unscented Pure, because it does not interfere with after shave, and it won't leave lint on face, beard or stubble. It is perfect for a pre-meeting image check. Packed in a patented black dispenser.

Facial / Body Blotting Paper Hand made by Nurturing Force


(No reviews yet) Write a Review