Ben Nye Studio Color Lumiere Grande Palette

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Iridescent jewel shades are radiant as a dry shadow and even more dazzling when applied wet. Lumiere Grand Colour provides a brilliant, shimmery finish.

Ben Nye's Studio Color Collection are “kit-ready” Palettes for every artist. Compact in size, each palette offers 8 or 12 refillable colors to tackle any design, big or small. The clear lid offers instant visibility for efficient organization and prep. Studio Color Palettes are refillable! Every Palette shade is available when you want to replace or swap out colors.

(STP-88) Studio Color Palette – Lumiere Grande Colour:
RELU-1 Ice, RELU-3 Aztec Gold, RELU-8 Chartreuse, RELU-12 Cosmic Blue
RELU-2 Iced Gold, RELU-21 Indian Copper, RELU-7 Tangerine, RELU-17 Cosmic Violet
RELU-11 Turquoise, RELU-14 Amethyst, RELU-16 Azalea, RELU-10 Jade

0.84oz / 24gm. Expect 50-150 applications.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review