Artool Texture FX Freehand Airbrush Templates

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Product Overview

Set of three Artool® Texture FX Freehand® Airbrush Templates!

Because of an advanced proprietary technology from Artool®, natural and organic illustration effects can now be achieved like never before with the Texture FX Freehand® Airbrush Templates by Gerald Mendez. You can easily use these organic textures to create hyper-living qualities with your artwork. The Organic, Master and Cosmic Templates will create unlimited textural possibilities: clouds, rocks, stone textures, outer space scenes, splashes, an endless variety of backgrounds, textural graphics, detailed reptilian skin effects and so much more.

Artool® Texture FX Templates are produced with exacting laser-cut precision, these templates use a special polymer-coated material and are SOLVENT RESISTANT. With proper care and without folding, Texture FX Templates will withstand years of repeated use.

Set of three standard size templates measure approximately 8.5" — 11" (21 cm — 28 cm).

The ever-popular Artool® Texture FX2 Freehand Airbrush Templates are available in a smaller size. They can now be easily rendered on smaller projects such as 1/8th - 1/25th model scales,RC cars, model airplanes, trains, cars, figure models, body art and a myriad of other applications.

Set of three mini series templates measure approximately 5" — 7" (13 cm — 18 cm).



(No reviews yet) Write a Review